I started doing regular exercises; if I remember correctly from 1994 and this year it’s 20th anniversary. Frankly I was/am regular almost 85-90% of time; except when I was sick , busy with exams , festival seasons , travelling or doing late works after joining software industry.

Majority of the credit goes to Rambo “Sylvester” and Terminator “Arnold”. They were , are band will remain my gurus.

Even though I couldn’t get chance till date to meet them, similar to Eklavya , I had made them my gurus and have got their poster just like Eklavya had statue of his guru Dronachaya. Also looking their movies multiple times and following their healthy life style keeps me motivating and keeps myself pushing harder.

I wish and pray to god that I could continue doing exercise even during my old age , just like these 2 super humans are doing.

The main motive of this article is to share healthy life style with software engineers or who do sitting work.


  1.  Must Dos

  2.  Types of Exercises

        2.1  Burn Calories , Build Stamina 

        2.2  Muscles Building

  3.   Additional Notes

         3.1 Height vs Weight Chart

          3.2 How to have great poop 

  4.   Conclusion

1.    Must Dos

A:  7 –  8 hours of sleep on time on daily basis including week ends as well.

       Body must be put into hibernate mode daily; to make sure that it gets rest to restore from wear and tear of day

B:  4 – 5 small to medium portions of healthy meals at the interval of 2 -3 hours

       Break fast should be of bigger portion and dinner should be shortest of all.

       Try to have break fast within 2 – 3 hours of getting up.

       Smaller portions are good for digestion and good for you , so that you won’t feel sleepy after heavy meals and keeps you active.

       Successful body builders across world follow this pattern

       India being vast country with each state having hundreds of varieties of delicious food ( mostly healthy and little unhealthy as well 🙂 ) , one has lots of healthily options to try from each state. ( There are plenty of unhealthy options as well but you can keep them for week ends only 🙂 )

C:  2 – 3 liters of water or liquid ( non junk e.g. fresh fruits’ juice without sugar  )

       Once you get up ; first thing is to drink 1/2 to 1 liter of water . Throughout the day take remaining operation of water in smaller portions.

      Make sure you don’t drink water during having food , you can have 30 mins before or after taking food.

D:  30 – 60 minutes of exercise daily – minimum 5 days and max. 6 days ( excluding week end , body needs 1 day rest )

       This will make sure you get old gracefully and gradually , avoids 21st century life style diseases.


2. Types of Exercises

Category 1 : To Burn Calories and build stamina

Category 2: Muscles Building

Category 1:

1. Suryanamaskar 

    HINDUS has given best exercises to the whole of mankind; which is  YOGA  ( which has got hundreds of varieties of exercises for body and mind

    Follow below video

2. Brisk walking / running / swimming / cycling 

    One can dedicate 15 – 30 mins for either of these exercises which helps to burn fat faster.


    Currently I’m putting more time doing Suryanamaskar as others are not feasible for time being.

    Per me “Suryanamaskar” should be top of the chart.   This is complete body and mind exercise.

    It can be 1st exercise to warm up your body once you start exercise routine.

    Personally I will prefer Swimming as it’s injury free and whole body exercise.


Category 2: 

3. Eye Exercise

My maths teacher in school has told me about this and it has helped me to keep my eyesight in good shape.


    3.1 Rotate your eyes in clockwise direction for 10 times

    3.2 Repeat in anti-clockwise direction

    3.3 Do set of 5 each

    3.4 Do it slowly

    3.5 Aim is you should try to draw perfect circle with eye rotation , to achieve this try to stretch your eye ball during its motion in eye sockets of the skull.

Again this is part of YOGA

4. Neck Exercise

Again this is also a part of YOGA

4.1  Rotate your neck clockwise 5 times really slow to draw virtual circle.

    4.2  Repeat this anti-clockwise direction

    4.3  Do 5 repetitions of this

5. Push ups / Pull ups

Best exercises to build muscles

Do it slowly and gradually increase repetitions on weekly basis. ( Types of Push-Ups ) – Yoga Push-up – Dive Bomber Push-up

6. Sit Ups

6.1 Never put hands behind head – doing this you will injure your neck

    6.2 Looking towards sealing

    6.3 Observe your back during sit-up , it must not bend

    6.4 Do in batch and increase each week e.g. 20 * X week 1 etc increase by 5 – 10 each week.


7. Standing Side Leg Raise

   This will help to get rid of love handles

COOL DOWN Exercises – To be done in end

8. Sirsasana – One of the last exercises to cool down body gradually

8.1  I prefer doing this always taking support of wall , never tried like real yoga pose.

    8.2  Do this one really slow so that not to hurt your neck or back.

    8.3  5 – 10 minutes should be good , more the better

    8.4  During this pose concentrate on your breathing , try to do deep and slow breathing

If one has difficulty doing “Sirsana” , s/he can try below “ultimate relaxation” yoga pose

9. Shavasan – Total relaxation Yoga Pose


3. Additional Notes:

1. Height vs Weight Chart

2. How to Have A Great Poop

2.1 After getting up immediately drink normal temperature water ( At least couple of glasses )

   2.2  Sit in Squat position and do deep breathing for 2-4 mins

   2.3  Later goto toilet ( , )


4. Conclusion:

1. Weekly weight check to make sure you are in safe range.

Based on your weight you can change proportion of time spent on Category 1 and 2 exercises. I do 15- 20 mins of Category 1 and 40 – 45 mins of Category 2 exercises.

2. At least 1 comedy movie each week 🙂

3.  No Junk food ( Pizza , Coke , Donut, Maggi, Fried chips anything processed food from outside India or even within India as well 🙂 ) ,

4. Ok to have Indian sweets once a week , which are made in pure ghee only or good quality ingredients

5. No Smoking ( as cities are already polluted , you are smoking a pack indirectly anyways 😦 )

6. No Alcohol , Chewing Tobacco etc