Prague != Paris

                While planning trip to Prague , I’ve read many places; stating Prague/Praha as “Paris” of East Europe. 

After visiting both cities this year , I can confidently say that Prague is much beautiful, cleaner, friendlier , cheaper than Paris and unique.  One shouldn’t compare these 2 cities as each one has its own charms. People in Eastern Europe are more friendlier and welcoming towards tourists.

EU ~ India

               Post visiting 4 countries and 7 cities in EU , I can comfortably say that “Europe is much like India”. India consists of many states with each one having its own charm and uniqueness, similarly Europe is a big country consisting of many states having its own unique culture , food , cafe , restaurants,  different economic status, cleanliness and peoples’ mentality etc.

                The best part of any European city is that , one can visit it in 1 day or 1 week and still don’t feel bored about it. ( I’m mainly talking about big cities in EU )

While writing this blog 1 Euro ~ 27 Czech Koruna and 1 Euro ~ 72 INR

What to do in City ?

                Per our experiences each city can be explored on different aspects like Food , Shopping , Attractions , Flea markets, Activities etc.

                  This post; I’m not going to repeat similar things like my other city travel guide but something different experiences from this trip. You can find common info from the link given in this blog

Traveling Within City

          Buy day pass and use any of the public transport systems Metro , Tram , Bus. You can reach any corner of the city.  Also buy a good quality city map and public transport maps from Tourist Info Office.

         There are many free and paid city walking tours , you can chose one of them or just explore on your own

Not To Be Missed :

1. Cafes –  There are plenty of age old cafes and restaurants serving unique food.

2. Opera – Even though the show will be in Czech , they has sub-title in English.

3. Restaurants  – some really delicious vegetarian and non-veg Czech food

4. Hot Air Ballon Ride – You can fly either over city itself or beautiful country side in the outskirts.

Hollywood in Prague

You can visit places where movies like Mission Impossible , James Bond and few others are shot.

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