I had suggested below to Bangalore Traffic commissioner few years back , but did not receive any support to implement.

I can clearly see that similar to USA , auto and oil industry wants to keep public transport pathetic; so that maximum number of 2 and 4 wheelers can be sold and their quarterly profits keeps rising.


   1. On Saturday and Sunday majority people goto Malls , tax vehicles in the mall


      1.1 Malls create lots of traffic congestion 

      1.2 Weekend charge 2-3 times on parking in mall. People are rich enough to spend min 1K – 3K on single day , they can pay little more on parking. If they don’t want they should use public transport to travel to malls.

   2. Have incremental tax on vehicles in Bangalore.

      2.1 This will be more for all the diesel vehicles which are used to personal purpose. SUV, four wheelers etc There are lots of car owner I have seen who can afford to buy 10-20 L car but they want it to run on Diesel as it’s much cheaper than Petrol. Person who can purchase SUV worth 20 L must pay indirect tax for using Diesel vehicle and polluting bangalore roads.

      2.2 The tax should increase based on price of vehicle e.g.

            0 – 50K ( Rs. 10 per month )   


            50 K – 1 L ( Rs . 100 per month )


            1L – 3 L  ( Rs. 300 Per month )


            and it should increase in this proportion.

            All diesel vehicles should be charged 25-35% more as these people purchase Diesel car as diesel fuel is cheaper and causing traffic jams + more pollution

          This tax will be on yearly insurance amount which all vehicle owners has to purchase.

             10 L ( 2 wheelers ) * 10   = Rs. 100 L Per Month 


              5 L ( 4 Wheelers ) * 500 = Rs.  2,500 L Per Month



      2.3  Have stringent checking mechanism if all vehicles are having valid insurance. So no-one can invade above tax money.

      2.4  Police persons can check insurance papers at all the major IT parks , cinema halls , petrol bunks , gardens etc . Where daily commuters visit most.

How Traffic on the Bangalore roads can be reduced 

1. Road repair department MUST be under respective Traffic inspector. BBMP engineer should be hold accountable and should be reporting to area  inspector.

2. Dedicates lanes for Buses

   1.1 We can have left side of road dedicated to public transport only. This make sure person can reach quicker with public transport instead of individual vehicle

   1.2 Peak traffic hours ( 7:30 – 11 ) ( 4:30 – 8:30 ), along with buses , BMTC should send mini – buses. on these dedicated lanes. We can have private vehicles also  taking part in this initiative.

   1.3 Instead of long route buses , have shorted routes like max 5-7 km. e.g. running between Banerghatta – Jayanagar.

   1.4 We can have vendors selling FMCG products in buses. to generate employment.

   1.5 More number of buses to encourage commuters to take public transport.

3. Have “Parking Hubs” within city.

   e.g. Parking Hub at Jayanagar.

       Person who wants to goto Majestic will park his/her vehicle at Jayanagar and catches bus which goes to Majestic.

4. In bilekahhalli we have got “shared auto” which works as feeder service for buses.

   Why can’t we implement for major scale on bangaore roads ?

5. Auto should be give permission to work on sharing basis for short distance travels only.

6. If we have dedicated lanes for buses and buses running every 5 mins , most of office goers will not use their vehicles. Even if they use they will travel short distance , later park vehicle and take multiple buses to reach destination.

7. From Bilekahall – White Field.

    7.1 Will take bike and park in BTM

    7.2 BTM – Sarjapur Junction mini bus

    7.3 Sarjapur Junction – Marathalli Bridge mini bus

    7.4 Marathalli Bridge – – Whitefield mini bus.