1. only 55-65% people do voting ( http://www.idea.int/vt/countryview.cfm?CountryCode=IN ).

   1.1 As educated middle class think all politicians are same , they want to just make money and no one wants to serve nation , people.

2.  The poor class votes based on candidate who gives them more money , free food , alcoholic drinks for a week or two before election.


I’ve seen this happening in Bangalore and Solapur.

3.  Since indépendance , Congress party is using “Divide and Rule” policy of British who ruled India.  They believe in gaining power by any means and don’t really bother about serving people , country

4. Politicians rule like king for 5 yrs and rob as much as possible.

5. After getting elected no one is answerable to people who voted them or do any meaningful work for their constituency.

Again my experiences from Bangalore and Solapur.

To summarise India election are won by giving free stuff to poor , un-educated people and make sure “Educated , Middle-Class” is kept out of elections.

Suggestions ( To make democracy and elected candidate work properly ):

1. Everyone MUST vote , in case a person can’t vote impose heavy fine ,  increase his monthly electricity and water charges multifold.

2. People in the constituency must decide quarterly basis what tasks they want to get done from MP / MLA / local area representative.

3. In case MP / MLA / local area representative not completing work , then based on people’s voting on “Re-call Candidate” that person should be removed from office.

4. The disqualified person should be fined heavily and should not be allowed to contest elections again.

5. Below is how politicians treat voters


“Now, I am watching your faces. I have some skills of predicting the future by way of face-reading. You have an opportunity of ‘laxmi darshan’ in next 10 days. Special people will get foreign-made and ordinary people will get local brands. Am I right? Sisters, elderly sisters…saris for older women, pant-shirts for young boys and all ‘Gandhivadis’ are asking for Rs 5,000. In these days of inflation, keep one thing in mind: Eat what you wish and drink what you desire. Keep whatever you get. This is the time when illegally earned money can go to the poor. Therefore, do not say no to ‘laxmi’.”



 The money looted from hard working middle class ; just gets spent to gain power for next 5 years and loot more and more. This cycle continuing since 1947 sadly.