Below blog tries to create awareness about hazard of Telecom Tower in India and how middle class Indians ( largest consumer base ) can unite together and tell telecom companies & Telecom ministry, not to treat them like laboratory rats or cockroaches

1. After moving to Berlin first thing I observed is tons of sparrows , which are hardly seen in indian cities since last decade ( after mobile towers have mushroomed across big and smaller cities , towns )

2. I had read about higher radiation from mobile towers but didn’t really dig into it.

Below are the findings

As per above links I found that radiation in India is almost 1000 ( thousand times ) more than Germany

What can be done by “middle class consumers”

1. Unite and fight like middle east people , who toppled dictators ruling them since few decades.

    can’t we topple all these radiation towers ??

2. stop paying bills to telecom companies all at once , lets see how many months they will survice

3. start using land line phones only  , radio communication

In case you have any thoughts please share in comments section

Additional Links

Diesel Consumption by millions of towers across Country and water of foreign currency