( Below is the email which I sent to Solar City team dated 31/July/2016)

Dear Team,

I would like to propose implementation of your solutions in India through local NGO. 

Please review below points which are quite appealing for your company

Cities with half million+ population

~ 100 Cities


Current Problems

1. State owned Electricity Company ( majority of employees are inefficient , incompetent , unorganized & other negative phrases from English Oxford Dictionary, forgive for rage )


   e.g.MSEB https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maharashtra_State_Electricity_Distribution_Company_Limited 

2. Costly , interrupted power supply, unplanned load shedding

3. Corrupt government officials in charge of these state owner companies ( who are not fired for corruption and/or inefficiency )

4. Always making losses and thus increasing prices randomly ( sometimes twice within a year itself )

5. Highly polluting coal power plants , putting people’s life in danger.

6. Most of these cities’ economy is run by “Middle Class Educated” Indians who are fed up of this but can’t do anything.

   This class spends significant amount of their income of electricity bills each month ( approximately 4% – 7% of monthly income )

Solutions & billion dollar opportunities

1. Roof top solar powered energy solutions for each of houses and apartments

2. Sun is available in abundance throughout the year. ( almost 8 – 9 hours of strong sun each day throughout the year )

3. Other than providing power to individual houses , additional power can be stored in cells.

4. These fully charged cells can be used in Solar powered public transport which Tesla is planning in few years

5. For now these charged cells can be used in adjacent districts and villages 

6. Also to factories, hospitals , schools in cities who pay a lot for electricity

7. Just like SAAS model ( software as service ) , you can monetize solar energy as service with these cells

8. Instead of charging upfront , you can charge customer on EMI for next decade

9. Financing from banks or even just like car companies , SolarPower can have its own banks

Thanks & Regards,