Date: 03/June/2018

In this blog I would like to stress why Indian consumers should stop their obsession with Petrol vehicles and stop complaining about random increase in fuel prices which is outside control of Indian government but with idiots in middle east.

  1. Number of 2 Wheelers in India
  2. Money spent on Petrol by 2 Wheelers only
  3. Building charging points
  4. Vehicle sharing programe


1. Number of 2 Wheelers in India

Range : 50 million – 150 million

       All these vehicles use Petrol and consumers keep on complaining about even 1 INR increase in fuel price per liter. Petrol pump stations do adulteration in fuel, which is causing more pollution.


2. Money spent on Petrol by 2 Wheelers only

As all the motorcycles run on Petrol, I’ve considered that each of the consumers spends between INR 300 – 1000 / month.

– 50 million ( Vehicle Numbers )   Lower Range Estimate

   15 billion – 50 billion INR / month


    200 million – 600 million USD / month .    

– 150 million ( Vehicle Numbers )   Higher Range Estimate

            45 billion – 150 billionINR / month


            600 million – 1.8 billion USD / month 

Which cities are buying 2 Wheelers mostly ?

       Numbers of 2 wheelers in Metros are almost 50% equal to its population. e.g.  Pune

Other markets involve districts places with popular of around 10K – 50K range.

Replacing petrol vehicles will save tons of foreign currency and will be great help for heavily polluted India cities

The time has come for India consumers to opt for environment friendly product to SAVE USD ( precious foreign currency, which can be used for better cause of Indians )  & SAVE NATURE


3. Building charging points

– Indian cities has got plenty sun lights throughout the year

– Private enterprises can build charging stations similar to Tesla supercharges across cities

– These can be integrated with vehicle sharing programe so that customers need not have to walk a lot to ride vehicle

– This also ensures that customers will park vehicle in designated areas ( drop zones ) & not at random places


4. Vehicle Sharing programe

– Most of the youngsters in metros, tier – 1, tier – 2 cities buy their first 2 wheelers when they goto colleges as public transport in most of the cities in shambles ( because of multiple reasons incompetent local politicians, politicians himself owning dealership of 2 wheeler company, most of the petrol pumps are owned by politicians )

– I’ve seen electric 2 wheeler sharing program working perfectly within Berlin city since last 2 years

– With everyone having access cheap android smart phones and cheap data, it’ll be easier to implement this program across cities in India

– Majority of commuters use their vehicles only few hours in a day and other time it simply lies idle.

– With sharing program there will be better utilization of narrow roads, parking space, economical


– Scoot launches mopeds and bike share in Barcelona

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