Visit Date: 10 – 12/June/2018

After waiting for almost 4+ years in Germany; finally we decided to visit the most important place in WW2 which was birthplace of Space Travel. Being enthusiast into Space & Missile Technology since my school days; I was really lucky to visit this holy place of rockets after a long wait with my wife.

It’s really strange that such an important & interesting place is not well promoted by German tourism. Even though this facility was used to produce first cruise missile ( V1 flying bomb )  & ballistic missile ( V2 Rocket ), without dedication, intelligence and hard work of rocket scientists here; man kind would have deprived from satellites, GPS and other space technology.

The team who was working here directly contributed voluntarily to USA & forcefully to USSR in their space and missile technology,  that knowledge was later used by rest of the world for good & bad purposes as well.

To know all about history of Rocket science and later research & development ( Peenemünde Army Research center ) , production ( Mittelwork ); one must visit this facility and spend at least 1 – 2 full days excluding long travel time from Berlin.

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Museum Visit Tips:

Check the timings before your visit

– You can spend 1 – 2 days without getting bored and you gain so much of knowledge from well maintained museum
– Don’t forget to take audio guide available in multiple languages
– Hats off to the team who is maintaining this amazing museum even with quite less people visiting this place
– There are 2 main building to be visited during your visit

1st building has got literally tons of info to read, see and experience rocket science and development of first ballistic missile and cruise missile
– You can start from 2nd floor and gradually come down to ground floor
– Also there are movies shown in adjacent building, do check timings at start of the day.                                                                                                                                                    – Couple of them has English sub-titles and others don’t. But still nice experience to watch these documentary from past

2nd building – Power plant to keep running this high tech project of 1930 decade. The coal plant itself is amazing experience to see high tech equipments of 1930 decade generating energy to keep research center running.
– Don’t forget to take elevator to visit top & enjoy panoramic view, huge chimneys        – Walking through the building, looking at rusted metal from 30s itself gives you unique feelings. Some instruments still look as if they are built in last decade. This gives the proof of world class German Engineering from last century.

– 1st building along with outside displays needs minium 1 day – 1.5 day
– 2nd building needs 1/2 day
– Don’t forget to spend some time in book store at the tickeing office, it has got book & tons of books for history buffs
– There are some special guided tours from Museum but you need to book them in advance. Check their website for more details. Historisch-Technisches Museum Peenemünde GmbH
– Don’t forget to carry food & water with you.



> Familien Wellness Hotel Seeklause, Trassenheide

> We booked this hotel as airbnb in Usedom are very costly during spring/summer time.

How To Reach

> Berlin Gesundbrunnen -> Züssow -> Zinnowitz -> Peenemünde

>  Journey Time = 4:15 minutes

>  Ticket Types –  Schones-Wochenende Ticket ( 50 Euro ), Quer-durchs-Land Ticket ( 52 Euro )

> As there is no direct fast trains connectivity; you need change 2 trains to reach this place.


Photos from Museum


Youtube documentary links