Date: February 2019

After working in IT for almost 16 years ( 11 years in India & 5 years in Germany ) out of which two were startups in Germany & one was in India. I have decided to use my knowledge of IT for the betterment of community in my native place called Solapur.

Below is the secret master plan for next 2 years ( just between you and me ) to get at-least 1% of Solapur city population connected with mobile app for Sustainable Living ( Dec. 2020 is the deadline to make the company self sustainable )

What is the mission of this company ?

  • Connect consumers like elderly people, working people, students and any other who is ready to buy healthy & delicious homely food
  • Giving an opportunity to home maker ladies to make extra income
  • Giving an opportunity to local young people who run autos or has two-wheelers with some spare time and urge to earn extra income
  • Giving an opportunity to farmers in district to sell their farm produce directly to consumers
  • Giving an opportunity to middle class to help local community and generate more employment in city itself
  • Giving an opportunity to young graduates to make decent living in city itself, so that they need not have to goto already overpopulated, mismanaged big cities ( Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai etc )

How is this promoting Sustainable Living ?

  • People don’t have use their personal vehicles frequently to buy grocery items, as it’ll be directly delivered to their doorsteps or they are getting ready to eat food
  • Produce from farmers will reach to consumers directly by avoiding multiple middle men which involves additional fuel usage & malpractices
  • With close knit community, we will promote better practices to reduce carbon footprint in everyone’s daily life ( e.g. electricity, water, fuel consumption etc )
  • Promote healthy living practices

Credit to Elon Musk’s The Secret Tesla Motors Master Plan for above writeup