Sept / 22 / 2009

India is country with lakhs of villages which don’t have proper approach roads , some located in remote areas, some located across rivers which gets cut off from the world during monsoon.

My idea explore the ways in which these villages transform with just 1 netbook + 1 domain + 1 mobile for net connectivity.

Small Business Services for Village

In India there are approximately 20-30 million villages. My idea is to target these village and help them putting on web for the following reasons

1.They can share information across the country it may be regarding food grains , pesticides , weather information , health.
2.Farmers can sell , buy the food grains directly to end customer avoiding middle men who cheat them.
3.They can form online forum to help farmers community.
4.Even if we can target 1% of 20-30 million it will be 0.2 million and for first yr if we can sell just a domain to each of 0.2 million villeage for $5 each we will earn $ 1 million.
5.I am sure looking at so many benefits villeage can upgrade their product and can be our life long customer.
6.With this approach we can easily target $1 billion SBS business withing this decade end. This can be expanded to other countries also where major portion of population still lives in village. An individual in village of India may not afford a PC with internet but entire village as a whole can and they will be get tremendous benefits from this.
7. Kids in villages can get most up to date education information , job opportunities information which they currently don’t get because of lack of contact with external world.
8. Villagers will be well informed about government’s work being done for the village development. Currently villagers are not aware about their rights and crores of money being sanctioned for development which never reaches to the grass roots
9. Doctors can consult the patients online and give basic treatment , epidemic monitoring etc